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  • Taylor Tinsley

    Taylor Tinsley is a staple in the 6pm class, and she has been bringing herself and her Lulus to Koda for the last four years. It was a budding romance that first brought her to Koda CrossFit, just not her own. Her then roommate, Lauren Storts, was looking to get flirty with her now husband at Koda, and invited Taylor to join a workout. Looks like it worked out for everyone.

    Taylor’s first day at Koda showed her the type of community she was back-squatting into. Day one was a JWOD and it was also a birthday celebration. “Everyone was drinking, and I was so confused, but in the best way! I went home and googled what a “JWOD” was. Didn’t have much luck with that one,” says Taylor.

    If you’re a gambler, you can bet you’ll find Taytins at the 6pm Monday thru Friday. She works in Norman and heads straight to Koda HQ after work to make sure and get her workout done, before any other life responsibilities pop up. Luckily, the 6pm class happens to be the perfect combination of kick your butt fitness and socializing. “You make friendships in those classes, even if you don’t do much outside of just your normal gym time. It makes it fun to go, even when you feel like you’re dying,” says Taylor.

    Her most memorable workouts went down at the First Timers Competition in 2016. Taylor says she never expected to participate in a CrossFit competition, but after some encouragement/unyielding nagging– probably from Jared– she went for it. The results of the competition ended with her doing better than she had anticipated, and that made her think about how she wants to take on her workouts in the future. “I got in a habit of scaling everything down rather than trying to work on a new skill. In the past year or so, I have been trying to get out of that habit, and push myself to work on basic skills like double unders, pull ups and toes to bar,” says Taylor. The results of her hard work are undeniable, as she has seen measurable improvement in those movements, and is excited to no longer have to scale every workout.

    In these four years, Taylor says she always leaves Koda in a better mood than when she walked in, and says she is happy Koda can give her exactly what she needs– a tough workout and a good time. In the next year, she is looking forward to the CrossFit Open as a way to continue pushing her limits, and getting to know more of Koda’s community outside of her normal 6pm crew. Taylor, thank you for being a part of Team Koda. We are excited for what you will achieve as you continue to challenge yourself and develop new athletic skills.

    -Mireya Garcia