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  • Todd Mowery

    Todd Mowery is a long distance runner and CrossFit athlete who has made some major life changes over the last decade. Ten years ago, Todd says he wasn’t doing much working out other than the occasional pick-up game with his sons. It has been that way for some time since he had a knee injury in college, and thought he would need to limit his physical fitness from that point forward. Then, on a whim, he started some intense bootcamp classes, and saw it was possible to build up to more intense physical challenges. Now Todd has completed six full marathons and 50 half marathons.

    Todd found his way to Koda after his friend, Tena, suggested he try one of Koda’s six-week challenges. The two had done bootcamp classes together in the past, and Tena said the people at her gym in Koda Norman were very friendly. Todd says he still was not sure what to expect on his first day, but adds that he’s sure there were weights crashing and people cheering— because when is that not happening, really? His first class was coached by Tre, and Todd says he was pumped. “Afterwards, laying on the floor trying to catch my breath, I was thinking— Damn, that was tough, but I liked it. I was hooked,” says Todd.

    You will usually find Todd enjoying a Koda class in the evenings as a way to unwind at the end of the day. “There are a lot of things that keep me coming back to Brice’s torment every week: Friends, coaches, my sexy wife, challenging workouts,” says Todd. However, the biggest reason Todd continues to work out with the Koda community involved two numbers: 250 and 38. He shared that at his heaviest that was his weight and pant size— and he didn’t feel very good at that time. Now, Todd says he feels much better and still gets to eat cookies.

    Todd’s favorite workouts are Hero WODs— he enjoys the meaning behind them even if they are tough or need to be scaled. “During the workouts, I always seem to ask myself, ‘Why am I doing this crazy crap?’ but afterward, I am glad I did it to honor our heroes,” says Todd. His favorite half-marathon also honored fallen heroes and survivors of Bataan from World War II.

    This year, Todd competed in the Koda First Timer’s Open. He says his only goal was not to die, so you can check that off the list. He put in the work for several months in preparation for the competition. That included making sure his squats were performed to the proper depth so he would not get a dreaded ‘no-rep’, and he focused his efforts on completing the toes-through- rings. He can now string together 10 TTR while feeling confident in the movement.

    In the next year, Todd says he will be helping his wife get ready for her own First Timer’s Competition. He will also be working on his running to bring his half-marathon time back under 2:15. He hopes to start working on a bar muscle up and stringing together double-unders, and he is also interested in trying out a master’s level competition.

    To Todd, Koda is the right combination of great coaches, crazy good programming, friendly people, and a serious cider stash in the fridge. He says it’s that perfect combination that makes Koda live up to its motto— “Koda means friend.” Thank you for being our friend Todd.

    -Mireya Garcia