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  • Tre Benefield

    Tre Benefield spends more time warming up for a work out and perfecting his movements than completing the workout itself. It is that kind of focus that has gotten him far at Koda, and he is now celebrating his four year Kodaversary.

    Tre was fortunate enough to have a middle school with a weightlifting program, so he has been around barbells for longer than your average athlete. He also grew up playing soccer and still plays indoor soccer from time to time. Tre started experimenting with CrossFit in 2011. “I’d read a bunch of articles on the Journal and watched a ton of videos, but I’d never actually been to a gym,” says Tre.

    When his last duty station with the Air Force landed him at Tinker Air Force Base, he decided it was time to find a CrossFit gym. He researched gyms across Oklahoma City, and Koda was first on the list. He never made it to check out gym number two—and Koda is better for it.

    Ever the planner, the day before Tre was set to go to Koda for the first time, he drove all the way to the gym but didn’t go inside. On his first workout day, much like any new Kodite, Tre wandered in and was pointed toward the front desk to speak to Koda HQ’s general manager, Mai Muse. He remembers John Ta being his partner for that first workout and having to struggle through some Overhead Wall Ball Lunges.

    Four years in, Tre has grown with Koda. He became a trainer and now heads up Koda’s latest location, Koda CrossFit Deer Creek. As a result, he is not loyal to any particular class and is, instead, happy to jump in with any group. Tre has a special appreciation for incremental progress because he understands that is the best way to hit his long term goal of being as strong and fit as possible, for as long as possible. “Feeling like I moved the needle forward after a good workout is an addicting feeling,” says Tre.

    Each workout serves a purpose for Tre, but he says there isn’t any one that sticks out as a favorite though he enjoys those workouts that really tests his mettle. If there are air-squats and muscle-ups involved, that is always a plus. What does stick out clearly in his mind is seeing all the smiling faces and fist bumps that everyone is so generous with through the post workout haze.

    Tre’s focus on long term goals means he is not a fan of regularly maxing out, but he does recall his excitement the first time he hit 315 pounds on a clean. He doesn’t remember the particulars of what led up to the lift, but does remember being peer pressured into attempting it—the one time peer pressure worked out. Of the moment, Tre says, “I’m really glad I recorded it.”

    During his fifth year at Koda, Tre is looking forward to bringing the Koda Culture to Koda CrossFit Deer Creek. “ We care. There aren’t many communities left, outside of your home, where people encourage you to be more, and care about your well-being,” says Tre.

    Thank you Tre, for seeing the Koda community and deciding it was something you wanted in your life and for believing in it enough that you wanted to grow with us. For the curious– what does a fit man do when he’s not at Koda? For Tre the answer is drink coffee and re-watch episodes of ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ or ‘The Office’—mystery solved.

    -Mireya Garcia