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  • Tucker Hood

    When making the decision to join a CrossFit gym, you may come in with any number of varied goals. Perhaps you are new to fitness, looking to start an exercise regime, and the one hour class format with a coach delivering your programming feels like the structure you need. Perhaps you have friends that already go to a gym and you want your workout buddies. Maybe you are sick of your old routine and just want to mix things up. Or maybe, you somehow happened upon an elite athlete working out or competing and marveled at their physique and capabilities. If you’re in this last group, you might well have watched Tucker Hood and thought, “THAT is what I want for myself: to be like that guy. How do I do that?” Athletic, immensely strong, and with a physique fit for a poster, Tucker now celebrates his four-year anniversary of joining the Koda ranks. Tucker had seen other Koda competitors at various CrossFit competitions, and says he was persuaded to join because “[he] always loved the intimidation of Koda when they painted their faces for competitions, and it just made [him] want to be part of that team. And Koda always wins…” For Tucker, the transition to Koda was smooth, and he says he jumped in “eager to get to work and start winning competitions.”

    Tucker has a lifelong history of athletic competition behind him. He played football, basketball, baseball, track, powerlifting, and has even competed in physique competitions. It’s no surprise, then, that once he found CrossFit he quickly jumped into the competitive aspect of the sport and fitness philosophy. He’s not been disappointed by the decision either. His accomplishments are too many to concisely mention here, but surely a few highlights are in order. He has competed in the official CrossFit Regionals competitions, the penultimate step to the largest CrossFit competition on the planet: The CrossFit Games, a feat few can claim. A personal favorite of Tucker’s is his first competition with Team Koda at The Fittest Games in Austin, Texas. The event requires qualification, and draws high level competitors from all over the country. Out of 60 teams to make it to the competition, Tucker helped Team Koda achieve a 4th place finish.

    This type of dedication is as difficult as it is uncommon. How does one stay motivated? For Tucker, “Training for me is a priority. It’s a part of my life that is automatically routine. I will never stop training and building my body to be stronger and better every day.” After his day job in the oil and gas industry, Tucker can reliably be found at the 5pm class at Koda. Several other Koda competitors are staples of the class. The camaraderie and having the opportunity to push and be pushed by others is an important part of effective and enjoyable training for Tucker. His favorite movements are muscle-ups, squats, cleans, and snatches. Tucker even boasts an incredible 300 lb. snatch personal record, an accomplishment he cites as one of his proudest, and a day he will never forget.

    Outside of the gym, Tucker likes to keep it simple. He likes to “Spend time with friends and family. Watch movies. Drink coffee in the morning and whiskey at night. Eat red meat.” We asked Tucker what year 5 has in store. He says, “continuing to come to Koda and socializing with all the great people I’ve met, and to help people get better.
    Koda is lucky and grateful to have you, Tucker.

    -Nick Piche