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  • Virginia Laakman

    There are few women you’ll see 8 months pregnant and lifting weights and conditioning, but Virginia is one. Celebrating her four year Kodaversary with us, Virginia is one of the most prodigious athletes on the Koda roster. Though caring for her new daughter has taken some of her training time, that much has certainly not changed. She even competed in the “Fittest in OK” competition only four
    months after having her daughter!

    Like many people who walk into a CrossFit gym for the first time, Virginia is a life-long athlete who was looking to maintain her fitness. She participated in gymnastics and dance growing up, and dance brought her to Oklahoma City to major in dance at Oklahoma City University. Though she ultimately chose to become an attorney, she continued to dance on OCU’s first competitive dance team as the dance captain. It was there she met her future husband, Dan, who was the cheer captain at the time. “I was always asked to attempt all the crazy, dangerous-looking dance tricks that no one else wanted to do because my fellow coaches and teammates knew I would try just about anything.”

    Virginia says she found a match for her competitive nature, athleticism, and team mentality at Koda. Of her first day, she says, “I walked in thinking I’ve always been pretty active and strong, this shouldn’t be too difficult. Boy was I wrong! I immediately realized I had a long way to go.” At this point, her competitive nature took over, and she knew she would be back to attack her weaknesses, of which
    there are few.

    She says she loves the Snatch Olympic lift and anything “gymnasty” (referring to gymnastic-centric movements), which helped her towards one of her favorite moments since joining: taking the top spot on the ladies’ leaderboard with a sub-4-minute “Fran” time, though this memory has some competition with the time she nailed herself in the face with a wall ball during the “Anarchy in the OK” competition (Don’t worry, she was fine, and lay there and laughed). Since coming to Koda, Virginia says she is proud of getting her first muscle-up, mastering double-unders, and vying with her husband for the title of Best Dancer in the household.

    Outside of the gym, Virginia and her husband keep it fun. “Dan and I love cooking…having any kind of party at our house (especially if it involves food and football)…playing Dance Dance Revolution, and riding bikes with their daughter around Lake Hefner.

    Virginia is a little harder to track down these days, attending various class-times as she continues to practice law in addition to caring for her little girl, but she doesn’t let that be an excuse to stop coming to Koda. In fact, she cites her daughter and her “impressionable eyes” as being a reason for her continued fitness. “I am so glad that we are raising Lily and our future children in an environment that
    not only promotes an all-around healthy lifestyle, but that radiates the fact that healthy and strong doesn’t have to mean boring and unattainable.” And Koda is glad to have her and her family sharing those values and that positivity.

    -Nick Piche