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  • Winston Fong

    Winston Fong is part of an elite group that often works out in the shadows – that is to say, he is with the 5am and 5:30am CrossFit crew.  Now he celebrates his four year Kodaversary with plans to continue to grow in his functional fitness.

    Winston has been an athlete since childhood, and his interests have always been diverse.  There was football, wrestling, and track in high school.  Then there were triathlons, and finally CrossFit.  Originally, Winston started CrossFitting at a different gym, but says he soon knew that he needed to give Koda a closer look.  “It had such a strong presence in social media, in competitions…” says Winston.

    If you’re not the early-bird type, Koda’s earliest morning classes can feel like a commitment, but Winston says it’s the best way to start the day.  He also has a busy job with longer hours in the healthcare industry, so the early wake-up time ensures he can get a workout in, no matter what the day brings.  “I like the routine.  I like not having to think too much about working out.  There is always variation,” says Winston.

    His favorite workout is one of the most dreaded for some, and a true test, showcasing how much fitter he has become – Fran. The workout is simple, but gets him every time.  No matter your fitness level, you’ll be out of breath and wondering what hit you at the very end.

    Winston says one of the most memorable moments in his time as a CrossFitter was when Ben Williams and he won the team scaled inaugural competition “Battle at the Base”.  The day played out as a tough and hard fought win, as they went into the final event in 4th place and nailed the last workout to come out on top.

    Winston likes to take his functional fitness outside Koda by learning how to wakeboard and wakesurf in the summer, and snow skiing and snowboarding in the winters along with his children.

    In his fifth year at Koda, Winston hopes to get faster, stronger, leaner, more flexible, taller, and better-looking.  “I am counting on Koda to accomplish this,” says Winston, and we can definitely help you with most of those, Winston!  He will also continue to enjoy the community that owners Brice, Mai, and Jared have created, and the enthusiasm shared by members and the coaching staff.

    Thank you, Winston, for being a part of the Koda community, and the always committed early-risers.


    -Mireya Garcia